Child’s Socialization

Smita Pun, Coordinator, Primary level

Socialization is the process of transferring norms values, beliefs and behaviors to future group member. Children stand to gain a lot when they are socialized. It is a normal and important part of growing up. Socialization begins right after birth with the younger years. Through socializing children are exposed to our culture, language manners and learn about our society. Socialization helps to make up our personality when children are successfully socialized they are more likely to fit into society better and get along with others.
There are many different forms of socialization but basically two types of socialization within our society. These two types are known as formal socialization and informal socialization. Formal socialization is done through our education system, where what children are exposed to and learn is all structured and controlled.It is very important because it sets the ground work for all future. Formal socialization occurs when a child learns the attitude and more values and actions appropriate to individuals as members of a particular culture. It is mainly influenced by the family and friend. Then there is informal socialization, which takes place anywhere and involves children role playing and spending time around others.

Parents need to take the long view of social problems and to map out a plan to solve them quite as carefully and thoughtfully as they would consider academic or health problems. There are guidelines which if flowed ,will help these children if the parent is willing to take time and initiative.
For one reason or another some children don’t develop social skills as easily as other. They may earnestly seek peer relationships and then, having endured rebuffs if not downright cruelty retreat to the safely of home family and their own company.
Children with poor attention and concentration fail to tune into the social cues in their environment and thus don’t learn social skills through experience,and they may have difficulty processing information form the social environment of have difficulty with self expression.
All of the social interaction parents have provided for your child will spill over into the school situation so teachers should be very grateful , so our school organized different kinds of social interaction programs like hand wash program, Nobel Icon Master and Miss, factory visit, program host , stationery distribution to orphans, etc. These types of programs help to children develop social skills and be part of society. Our school’s key words ea structure and fun with simplicity . The key attitudes are warmth and optimism. If we treat our child like a worth while human being .It is much more likely that other children will also sense him worth.

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