Educational visit and picnic program – 2075

Educational visit should always have a major educational element but the impact of educational visit can extend much further the important of educational visit includes giving students the chance to build closer bands with their classmates experience new environment and enjoy a day away from the classroom.
Poush 12 Thursday preprimary level 160 students were ready to go educational visit and picnic program and 12 teachers went to guide them . At 11:00 am .We move from school to visit ostrich farm which located in Gangoliya Mudehari tilottama-16 all of us were very much excited and happy to visit Ostrich farm. Finally we reached the ostrich farm. We bought ticket to enter inside the farm and we entered from gate there we saw camel. Teacher explain about few words about camel. A camel is an even toed ungulate in the genus. Camel can reach 7feet in height and weight up to 1500 pounds they are specially adopted to the life in desert their eyes have three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes that prevent sand to enter the eyes and we move little bit forward to see ostrich again teacher explain about ostrich. Ostrich is a large flightless bird that lives mostly in Africa. They are the largest living bird species and have the biggest eggs of all ostrich do not fly but can run faster than any other birds and we took some photos class wise and we move from ostrich farm at 1 30 pm again our next journey is in chilhiya jungle it is a picnic spot. We all rested and had our lunch in the afternoon. It was too delicious. All students danced at the floor with great energy. Students and teachers enjoyed lots.
Once we finished enjoy. It was time for us to return back to school. We all boarded the bus and the Teacher checked all students and then we returned back to school at 3pm. It was great fun and lots of enjoyment that we had and i really enjoyed the picnic from school that we had.
Susmita gurung

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