Relationship between Home and school

Kavita Gurung, English Teacher
How do parents perceive their children’s school. Situation and their co operation with school? This study has been focused on parents of children in the compulsory school, age ( 7 – 16) .The main questions were How do the parents perceive their children’s school situation ( support relations ,roles, school motivation, school behavior) ?
How do the parents perceive the co operation with their children’s school teacher ( communication,information, participation, responsibility, roles)?
How does the school situation of the children influence their home situation? The theoretical perspective of the study was system theory. System theory has an interactive perspective on children’s development . There is a mutual influence between the child and the environment .This is the essence of the ecology of human development a theory developed by Bron fenbrenner. The data has been an analyzed with focus on Bron fenbrenners theoretical concepts ,roles, social relations, and activities taking place in the various micro system and influenced by the surrounding systems meso, exo,and macro.

One condition for teachers to be successful in their teacher role is to have good relation with parents of the pupils . Most teacher are aware of this fact.
Parents and teachers see different sides of the child and together they can get a more complete picture ” the main task of the school are to convey knowledge and in co operation with the homes promote the student development to responsible people and members of co operation with the homes. The teachers must co operate with and continuously inform the parents about the students school situation, happiness and knowledge development.”
The primary aim of this study is to investigate how parents perceive the encounter’s with the school . Hopefully an increased understanding of the parents view could improve the co operation between home and school . The expectations of the parents were that school should offer their children a good education, the teacher should stimulate their the children were gives the kind of support they needed. The parents also wanted the teachers to report about their children’s.

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