Proud to be a teacher in NEA

Susmita Gurung, Montessori Teacher
A school is an organization design to provide learning space and learning environment for the student of the teacher under the direction of teachers. In my view a teacher is the best job every hit of my job. It has its ups and downs, but on the whole it is accomplished when we help our children in every sector their bright future.
A school is a place where people learn and study. It is called a Temple of Knowlage, so the name of our school is the Nobel Environment Academy, Which is located at Kotihawa in Rupandehi. It is a very good school for child. It was started in the year 2068B.So the starting of this school. We have only 10 students, but by day our school is developed and the student’s are growing. Around this school there are many other schools and colleges. About 400 students are studying in our school. Number of classrooms in our school is 4. We like our school because the school is our second home. Our school is very beautiful. We have wonderful trainer teachers to give better knowledge for children’s. They are talented, helpful, kind and friendly. I’m really happy to be a teacher of Nobel Environment Academy. We have a story. You are building a limited classrooms where we have different subjects to students. We have a play ground for the student in school. All the classrooms of our school are spacious and light. Sometime we go picnic also makes the teacher and students fresh mind and learn different things. In our school we organize the parent’s meeting they give us advice that helps the student to properly teach. There are many facilities in our school’s such as:
a) Transportation
b) Pure Drinking Water
c) Sports
d) Dancing
e) Library
f) Computer lab
g) Montessori method learning
h) Canteen
i) work
j) Cultural and traditional program
k) Workshop
l) Art and Craft
m) Health check up
So, our school is the best school in Rupandehi. So I’m proud to be a teacher in Nobel Environment Academy.

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